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Baby Laptime
30 Sep  2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Enjoy delightful stories, songs, books, rhymes, finger plays and more, especially for babies. C…
Story Stop
30 Sep  2:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Stop for a story! This quick 15-minute storytime features stories, rhymes and songs - fast and …
Tech Help @ EPL
30 Sep  2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Have a tech question? Drop by one of these sessions, where friendly library staff will help you…
Tech Help @ EPL
Castle Downs
30 Sep  2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Have a tech question? Drop by one of these sessions, where friendly library staff will help you…
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EPL Picks

{"list":{"id":"293922357","name":"EPL Great Stuff - The "And yet..." list - Guilty Pleasures","description":"We tend to think highly of ourselves\u2013that we have cultivated tastes, a clear-cut sense of style that communicates who we are and fits the image we want to project and the values we want to guide us. And yet...sometimes we love things that don't fit. Things that we shouldn't like. Things we don't want to be caught out in public with. For my favourite guilty pleasures, bear witness to my "And yet..." list.","language":"en-CA","item_count":10,"created":"2014-06-13T15:24:47Z","updated":"2014-09-08T18:28:38Z","list_type":{"id":"OTHER","name":"Other"},"details_url":"","user":{"id":"202546843","name":"EPLGreatStuff_Diego","profile_url":""},"list_items":[{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"702109005908","title":"Bella","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"DVD","name":"DVD"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2006","authors":[],"upcs":["031398226659","031398226659"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Well, let's start off big. Bella is a manipulative film. It has a barely concealed pro-life message, which is not offensive by any stretch, but depending on who you are, you might not feel that you're in the film's intended audience. It's a divisive subject, though, and something you normally wouldn't want to watch in a romantic looking film. And yet...did I mention that the film was manipulative? Well, that's too bad, because EVERY feature film tries to manipulate you. This one happens to be GOOD at what it does. It hit me like a ton of bricks\u2013it's got a gorgeous feel to it, a believable romance, and a three-hanky ending. Yeah, it's a weird film to recommend to strangers,'s good."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"802561005908","title":"Star Trek","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"DVD","name":"DVD"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2009","authors":[],"isbns":["1415750378","9781415750377"],"upcs":["097363485049","097363485063"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"I don't like remakes, I don't like reboots, and while I'm not obsessed about Original Trek, I kind of liked it the way it was. So this J.J. Abrams remake shouldn't be good for me, right? And yet...say what you want about its sequel, Into Darkness, but this particular film made for a fine popcorn flick. It's a fantastic metanarrative; it's a story that's actually ABOUT being a reboot, and knowing it, and it does so in a way that doesn't ruin the original show. It's just a far, far smarter film than people give it credit for. And I also liked the lens flares and shaky cams, because apparently I'm a monster."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"897621005908","title":"Fuzzy Nation","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2011","authors":[{"name":"Scalzi, John"}],"isbns":["9780765367037","9780765328540"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Wait, is this another remake? John Scalzi effectively rewrites H. Beam Piper's 1962 novel Little Fuzzy, then proceeds to make the novel about as left-leaning as he can make it. Co-opting a story to fit your political agenda? That shouldn't work out. And yet...well, they're kind of my politics to begin with. Why would I read a book about encountering aliens? For the escapism. But travelling to alien planets, driving flying cars and meeting sentient life are all things you can easily accept, but having a court of law find a trillion dollar energy conglomerate guilty and punishing them in a way that's actually appropriate? It is literally THE most far-fetched thing in the book. Loved it! "},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"175866005908","title":"Regimental marches of the British army","sub_title":"","format":{"id":"MUSIC_CD","name":"Music CD"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"1991","authors":[{"name":"Band of the Coldstream Guards (Great Britain)"}],"primary_language":{"name":"No linguistic content"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"There\u2019s nothing remotely hip about army marching band music, is there? It\u2019s formal without being elegant, it\u2019s boisterous, and it\u2019s occasionally headache inducing. And yet\u2026there\u2019s something exciting happening here. Blame it on the drum line, designed to get you to follow along. And yes, the melodies are simple, but we never ask as much from our pop music. All in all, it\u2019s a genre with something elemental in it, something infectious\u2026and just imagine the looks on people\u2019s faces when you roll in blaring Sousa from your speakers. Go on. IMAGINE."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"1248176005908","title":"Kiss 40","sub_title":"Decades of Decibels","format":{"id":"MUSIC_CD","name":"Music CD"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2014","authors":[{"name":"Kiss (Musical group)"}],"upcs":["0602537785742 (sound recording : hoopla Music)"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Now we're looking at WHAT? KISS? The dumb-as-hammers glam rock quartet that paints their faces and pretends to vomit blood? Surely we're not going to do this. And yet... well, there's really no turning back at this point, is there? It's a band that does exactly what it sets out to do, which is ROCK YOUR FACE. You can't really take away from their ability to craft catchy pop/rock songs\u2013once you've heard "Shout it Out Loud", "Strutter 78", "Lick It Up", or even "Psycho Circus", good luck with the rest of your day, 'cause that song's now in there. Even their moments of self-parody ("God of Thunder") wind up being great, goofy fun. Check it out and you'll find yourself rockin' in no time. And while EPL has this on disc, you may as well check it out instantly online and get to it even faster."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"740167005908","title":"Cooking Mama","sub_title":"World Kitchen","format":{"id":"VIDEO_GAME","name":"Video Game"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2008","authors":[],"upcs":["096427015512"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"The early Wii properties were such odd ducks, trying to get people to use the Wiimote controller in crazy ways. And a cooking simulator, to boot...a person could better stand to do some actual cooking instead. And yet...everything about this game is still appealing. The speed, the colours, finding ways to \u201ccheat\u201d  at recipes\u2013and  it's a game you can easily play with other people, especially when they're not big gamers. It's a remarkably dorky experience, yes, but when everyone's being a dork, it's fantastic."},{"list_item_type":"url","url":{"title":"The Mardek Series","url":""},"annotation":"What's dorkier than a Wii cooking simulator? How about a Flash-based RPG? No, better\u2014a Flash-based parody of Final Fantasy-style JRPGs. That would be EXTREMELY dorky. And yet... the Mardek series really does a fine job of being better than the sum of its parts, kind of like getting a fine black forest cake out of margarine and dirt. The game's author, Pseudolonewolf, seemingly sets out to mock the well-trod tropes of the game genre, but does so with a tight system with a great learning curve, mechanics that slowly build across game chapters, surprisingly catchy music, and a tone that gets slightly less jokey as the game progresses. It's currently an unfinished masterpiece, but for something that presents itself as a parody of something at first, believe me when I say that you can spend the 80+ hours it requires and still feel aggravated that we have no Part IV yet. It's well-executed indie DIY gaming, and if you like JRPGs, it's just even sweeter. "},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"870108005908","title":"Phineas and Ferb","sub_title":"The Fast and the Phineas","format":{"id":"DVD","name":"DVD"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2008","authors":[],"isbns":["078888476X"],"upcs":["786936750744","786936750744"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Aren't I a little old for a kid's cartoon? Yes, yes I am. And yet... the hyperkinetic show is the creation of Dan Povenmire (ex of The Simpsons and Family Guy), who knows how to keep sophisticated adult humour running without creating inappropriate situations for children. It also doesn't hurt that each episode has a rapid-fire, Airplane!-style approach to keeping the jokes coming out fast, nor does it hurt that Povenmire himself voices the nebbish evil scientist Dr. Doofenschmirtz. If you like animated comedies, you owe it to yourself to give it a try."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"862316005908","title":"Phineas and Ferb","sub_title":"The Daze of Summer","format":{"id":"DVD","name":"DVD"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2009","authors":[],"isbns":["0788891693"],"upcs":["786936774238"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Yes, I'm listing it twice. Buck up."},{"list_item_type":"title","title":{"id":"879120005908","title":"Axe Cop","sub_title":"[Volume 1]","format":{"id":"BK","name":"Book"},"details_url":"","publication_date":"2010","authors":[{"name":"Nicolle, Malachai"}],"isbns":["1595826815","9781595826817"],"primary_language":{"name":"English"},"original_script":{"sub_title":""}},"annotation":"Sure, it's fine to like kid's stuff, but something that's written by a five-year-old has to be off-limits, right? A LITERAL five-year-old. And yet...the kid's got a future. With his stories adapted into illustration by his thirty-year-old brother Ethan, Malachai Nicolle draws on his unfettered imagination to lay down a fantasy where cops can become dinosaurs, dogs can bark lasers, and you can identify bad guys by the kind of kicks they use. It crackles with the inventive spirit of old comic books while adhering to the madcap vision of a young child who can accept anything. It's sheer comic genius, and you'll be left wanting more."}]}}
Axe Cop
[Volume 1]
Nicolle, Malachai
Book - 2010
Kiss 40
Decades of Decibels
Kiss (Musical group)
Music CD - 2014
Cooking Mama
World Kitchen
Video Game - 2008