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It's a new day at EPL

Five simple bars can mean a great deal. They can represent a stack of books, a subtle reference to the current logo and a nod to historical identity of libraries. It can be seen as a stack of compact discs, DVDs or video games, representing EPL's many entertainment options. It even echoes the barcodes that are scanned as EPL materials are shared with EPL users.

The multitude of bright colours suggests diversity. Diversity in content, resources and services. Diversity in how the library is used by each of its members. Diversity in users themselves, demographically, ethnically and in regards to their lifestyles.

The Edmonton Public Library carries everything you care about and cares about everything you are looking for. While we still provide the incredible content, unmatched access, unrivaled value and expert service you've come to expect from us, we've updated our look to better show our fun, fresh and innovative side. We're more than just buildings filled with books. We carry movies and music of every genre; video games for the most popular gaming consoles; databases for almost any subject; newspapers and magazines from around the world; eBooks and audiobooks compatible with the most popular devices and technology. You want it, we've got it!

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Two great contests to help celebrate a new day at EPL!

Spread the Words Sticker Contest

Wasn't that fun? We had some incredibly creative submissions to our Spread the Words sticker contest. There were stickers all over Edmonton... thanks to everyone for helping us spread the words about our fantastic new brand!

EPL4Life Membership Contest

You really like us! So many people visited us online and in our branches to get a new library card or to renew their memberships between April 23 and June 5. Now, we have 15 new EPL lifetime members... hooray!

Click here to see all of our contest winners!

A new day... a new website

Watch for a new and improved epl.ca with enhanced functionality and easier navigation. Coming soon!

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